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Welcome to  Traindoc's Roundhouse. Your place for Rivarossi repairs and many other helpful items from my repair services and sales to links to dealers and fellow modelers . You will also find sites to Rail Industries and Rail fan site too. Please take your time and enjoy the site as I take great pleasure in bringing it to you. I thank you for stopping, please pass the word about this site and come back soon.


Now if you are a PRR fan you already know what you are looking at in the picture above. For those not familiar with this place this is the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania at Strasburg  PA. After steam had died on the PRR in 1957, The collection of PRR steamers were stored at the Northumberland Enginehouse in Pennsylvania They sat by and watched their master (PRR) slip into oblivion in 1972 as the Penn-Central was murdered by the Jet and the Truck, (lets not forget Uncle Sam and PC's management  had their hands in this too.) Well after the Penn Central collapsed into bankruptcy the collection made it's way to Strasburg PA. where the soon to be built museum was located. The equipment was moved by the Penn-Central  railroad to Leaman Place Junction in Paradise PA. where the Strasburg Railroad and the mighty Baldwin # 90 hauled the collection of PRR equipment and placed it on display tracks on their property until the museum was completed. For a short time PRR steam locomotive  E7s #8063 back dated (to look like E6 # 7002 ) and D16s #1223 operated on the Strasburg Railroad until their second retirement in the early 1990's occurred. Today the collection along with other railroad equipment from Phila. & Reading , Nickel Plate Road etc. reside inside the new train hall and also out in the yard area which is rumored to be redone with a shed or roundhouse to protect the larger equipment such as PRR 6755 and NKP 757. Today there is only 1 operable PRR steamer  the  PRR #643 060 switcher. The famous K4s PRR 1361 (462 pacific) was  undergoing rebuilding presently . Work is suspended on PRR 1361 until she can be returned to Altoona. She will be placed in storage dismantled until resources and facilities for her rebuilding can be allocated. 1361 has a sister K4s #3750 which is on display at Strasburg PA. #643 is back in service since her recent rebuilding she is operating out of Williams Grove PA.

Beside offering to you a site with info to major suppliers in the model hobby business there are many links to Class 1 railroads as well as short line operators like my favorites Strasburg Railroad and Steamtown N.H.S. Also here at the Roundhouse I offer you a chance to get that cherished childhood locomotive out of storage and back on your railroad. I have been doing repairs and restoration since 1989 on many of today's and yesterdays model trains . My mainstay is HO gauge locomotives such as Rivarossi , Bowser, AHM ,  but also do repairs to American Flyer, . To see my work click Backshop here or in the menu. This will show you a 2 pictures of a subject before it was restore and after. Again I thank you for stopping by and if there is any questions just e-mail me Traindoc and I will try to help you or at least steer you in the right direction.

Sal Della Pia



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